Brand Spotlight: G&G Armament | JVD Outdoor

10 juni 2021

G&G is a world leading manufacturer of Airsoft Guns for Airsoft and military enthusiasts. G&G offers more than 100 different replicas and are well known for innovating their products and techniques continuously while keeping great prices. 

The G&G Bio BBs are the best option when you are looking for affordable high-quality bulk Airsoft ammunition. These BBs are double polished and guarantee zero air bubbles, which results in flawless feeding and consistent accuracy.


New Brand: Infiray

27 mei 2021

We have included InfiRay to our product range. Their thermal vision products provide high image quality for convenient prices... The perfect companion during hunting & nature observation.

  • The Tube series is a cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope. The state-of-the-art design is especially for professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.
  • The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular with the standard delivered eyepiece in few seconds.
  • The Rico series is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product.

Now in stock: Tippmann tactical

19 mei 2021

We are proud to introduce Tippmann to our product range. Tippmann Tactical provides airsoft players with distinct HPA guns and accessories for hours and hours of solid performance and reliability.

  • Full Metal (Aluminum) Receiver, Barrel Assembly and Stock Tube.
  • No gearbox, no battery,  just pure air or Co2 great for all weather usage.
  • Adjustability and locking of velocity.
  • Recoil - Real blowback on M4V2 feels.
  • High Performance with up to 550 fps with high velocity valve.

New Brand: Barnett Crossbows

7 april 2021

Crossbows are a growing market, so now is a great opportunity to broaden your product range to include Barnett! We just added their great selection of crossbows to our website. Learn the basics of what they offer below, or go to the product pages for more detailed product information.

  • Hyper Series – The Hyper series models are made for speed. All breaking the 400fps mark, these bows can be used with Hyperflite shafts - a .204 diameter that brings next level accuracy and penetration. With fantastic balance these bows are serious performers. 
  • Step through Series – The step through designs of crossbows in this series incorporate the stirrup into the riser - making them both lightweight and compact. This design makes it not only easy to handle during shooting but also when carrying for a long day in the field.
  • Compound Series – Classic compound style crossbows that offer durable and dependable performance but also great features such as Barnett's awesome TriggerTech design that gives amazing smooth action, precise control and features a silent safety. 

New Brand: Evolution

19 maart 2021

Evolution Airsoft guns and BBs are now in stock! Evolution International is a leading player in the airsoft and recreational shooting industry. Their products are associated with high levels of quality and performance.

BBs: The Evolution XTREME precision BBs are the favorites among professionals. They are Biodegradable with perfect sphere shapes, polished and smooth surfaces. These BBs work in all strandad magazines and are available in white, than and camouflage colors.


  • ​The E-416 is based on the popular HK416 platform, with lots of features not typically seen at this price point. Full metal upper and lower receiver with  E-416 markings.

  • The Ghost EMR Carbontech is the ideal replica for beginners, with great features and performance.


Brand Spotlight: Air Venturi

4 maart 2021

Air Venturi offers some of the most finely crafted airguns on the market. The Senecas are the definition of hunting airguns with a classic style that recalls the golden age of hunting.

Check out the full product range here.

  • Seneca Eagle ClawIndonesian Walnut Monte Carlo stock, adjustable power, follow-up shots delivered in less than a second, checkered pistol grip and forestock, weaver/picatinny optics rail, 10-shot magazine in .22 cal. 8-shot mag in .25 cal.
  • Seneca AspenPre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle with built-in pump, sidelever Action, two Stage Velocity Adjustment, fires up to 17 Shots with 40-60 pumps, two-Stage Adjustable Trigger, automatic Overpressure Air Release.
  • Ammunition: Available in .257 cal.45 cal.50 calAirgun Exploding Golf BallLong Shotshells.

Brand Spotlight: GPO

17 februari 2021

GPO offers some of the best gear for Outdoor activities. All GPO Binoculars and Scopes are designed in Germany and provide the highest performance in a compact and lightweight package.

  • Binoculars Passion HD 10x42 - Best binoculars under €1000 of 2020. Dual HD glass technology, bright coating lenses technology, sturdy aluminum eyecups and hydrophobic coatings on the exterior surfaces.
  • Binoculars Passion ED 8x32 – The most compact and lightweight binoculars with high performance. Weight: 500 grams. Close focus: 2 meters. Field of view: 139 meters.
  • Riflescope Spectra 5x 3-15x56 Scope – With a higher magnification and a larger objective lens, this scope is best suited for use in low light conditions. Objective diameter: 56 mmField of view: 11,1 – 2,3 meters. Elevation range total: 250 cm/100m
  • Rangeguide 2800 8x50 - This Rangefinder offers excellent light-transmission, edge-to-edge sharpness and brilliant color reproduction. Range capability: 2800 meters, true-range angle technology, temperature readings for long-range shooting.

New Brand: LCT Airsoft

2 december 2020

We are proud to introduce LCT to our airsoft product range.

LCT is world renowned for designing and manufacturing superior airsoft guns. LCT has released many steel made, high quality AEG replicas based on the actual AK series assault rifles, including the LCK series, the LC3 and the LK33. The LCT replicas are known for having the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials used. The replicas will have a standard upgrade with the new QD Gearbox. Now available to Pre-order!