Steambow | The Complete Pistol Crossbows!

30 mei 2023

Pistol crossbow shooters looking for a highly maneuverable crossbow, with an extremely high rate of fire and more than enough power for all relevant applications, should definitely take a look at the ultra-light AR-6 Stinger 2 Tactical from Steambow.

Get in touch with your account manager Lena to get your hands on these high-end products. He will fill you in on the terms and conditions of the dealer programme.


ICS Airsoft | For dominance in the airsoftfield!

19 mei 2023

For the serious airsoft player looking for a replica with a powerful performance to impress on battlefield, we have the CXP-MARS PDW9 from ICS Airsoft in the spotlight this week! Head to our website and order today!

Bear Archery | Intense Crossbow Package!

12 mei 2023

For crossbow shooters looking for a ready-to-hunt crossbow package delivering an intensely powerful performance in a compact platform, we have the Crossbow Package Intense from Bear Archery in the spotlight this week. 


Tippmann Tactical | The Omega-PV CQB Has It All!

5 mei 2023

For airsoft players looking for a replica which combines high-performance, versatility and speed, we have the Omega-PV CQB from Tippmann Tactical in the spotlight this week. Available in good numbers so head to our website and stock up today!

G&G Armament | The New ARP9 3.0 Is Here!

2 mei 2023

For CQB airsoft players looking for a compact and lightweight replica that still offers them outstanding performance and functionality, we have the perfect ARP9 3.0 from G&G Armament in the spotlight this week! Now available at JVD Outdoor so order the ARP9 3.0 today! 


Infiray | New Tube Series TL35SE

21 april 2023

For hunters looking for a thermal imaging riflescope giving them an all-round easier hunting experience, the spotlight is on the new Tube Series TL35SE from Infiray  this week! These high quality riflescopes will arrive soon at JVD Outdoor so place your backorders now!

StratAIM | Dominate the field with a bang!

14 april 2023

StratAIM's BB grenades are the most reliable on the market, and now available exclusively from JVD Outdoor! In three versions that make an unmissable addition to your assortment!


We are fully stocked on Hori-Zone crossbows!

7 april 2023

Max availability on Hori-Zone Crossbows

We bought in big in 2023. That's how we can offer amazing prices on our Hori-Zone products including the popular Hori-Zone Bedlam or the Kornet Maxx. These powerful crossbows are ready to be delivered, so get your orders in.

Colt Series| M4 Airline

31 maart 2023

Give beginner airsofters a great start with the Colt Series M4 Airline!  This modern looking, entry level AEG. Available on our website so order this replica today!


Steambow | Fast. Light. Accurate. Powerful.

24 maart 2023

We recently added new Steambow AR-series products.

The Ultra-light AR-6 Stinger 2 Tactical is highly maneuverable, has an extremely high rate of fire and more than enough power for all relevant applications.

Vega Force | Level Up Your Airsoft Experience

21 maart 2023

Experienced airsoft players looking for an advanced airsoft replica to give them high-end performance in the field should take a look at the Avalon Saber Carbine from Vega Force. Tan and black colour options are available.


Infiray Outdoor | The Famous Clip-On Products

10 maart 2023

Optic users looking for a compact size optic which also has a great value, definitely should take a look at the Mate Series MAH50 from Infiray because this is the perfect “Mate” for them during the hunt!