Product Spotlight | Cybergun Desert Eagle & FN Scar-L

21 januari 2022

This product spotlight we are highlighting the Desert Eagle and the FN Scar-L from Cybergun.  These airsoft replicas are the perfect choice for the beginning and also the experienced airsofters. Read more about why these great airsoft replicas from Cybergun are the best choice for your customers below!

The Cybergun Desert Eagle is a CO2 powered airsoft pistol with authentic markings, fully licensed by Desert Eagle. The semi and fully automatic modes in combination with the full metal body, makes this Desert Eagle a really realistic airsoft replica.  

The Cybergun FN Scar-L is a fully ambidextrous assault rifle with a foldable stock. This airsoft replica is perfect for indoor and outdoor games and features a picatinny rails, which enables you to attach accessories on the top of your replica. 


Product Spotlight | Infiray Tube TL 35 & Rico Series RH50

14 januari 2022

For hunters searching for the perfect hunting equipment should take a look at Infiray. The Infiray Tube TL35 and Rico Series RH50 are in the spotlight this week and these riflescopes significantly improve the observation comfort of your hunters.

The InfiRay Tube TL35 is really one of the most powerful thermal imaging riflescopes available at this moment. The using experience for your customers will be very comfortable thanks to a detection range of 1816 meters, a magnification from 3.0 up to 12.0 and a battery runtime of 8 hours. 

The Infiray Rico Series RH50 is a premium heat imaging rifle scope for air rifles and firearms. The RH50 features a VOx detector which can be used at distances of just under 2600m and with the picture-in-picture mode, directed shooting will be easier for your customers.

New Products| Nuprol Raven Series

7 januari 2022

The new Raven EU Series is here, including the Raven EU17 and EU18. This series enters the market with style, performance and compatibility at an attractive price point to suit you and your customers! If you want to see all Nuprol products, Click here.

The Nuprol Raven EU17 is a gas blowback pistol. The Airsoft replica itself has a polymer lower frame and a metal alloy upper, making it a lightweight replica. The Glock comes with square sights and a rectangular body, that's why the Raven EU17 is the perfect choice for your customers looking for a quick target acquisition when on the battlefield. This pistol is available in black, tan and camo!

The Nuprol Raven EU18 is also a gas blowback pistol. It features a specially designed Gen4 frame which allows the grip to fit well in the players’ hand. The EU18 is the perfect sidearm for any airsoft player, allowing your customers to quickly and effectively protect themselves from their enemies. This pistol is available in black, silver, tan and camo!


G&G Armament AEG Rifles

31 december 2021

Last Monday we announced that G&G Armament is exclusive at JVD Outdoor for the BeNeLux from January 1st, so we are putting this brand in the spotlight with two of our favourite G&G AEG rifles. Read about them below, or click here to see the full G&G assortment

The G&G AEG Rifle CM16 SRL is a great addition to your customer's arsenal. The installed pre-programmed MOSFET chip prevents damage to the battery and an electronic trigger unit increases response and assists in preventing trigger burns or locks in rapid semi-auto firing!

The G&G AEG Rifle RK74-E is a full size replica based on the AK platform. Both the upper and lower receiver are made entirely of metal and the tension lever is universal. This RK74-E is equipped with an integrated MOSFET and the IRFIT 25K High Torque Motors for outstanding performance! 

Brand Spotlight | Air Venturi

24 december 2021

Air Venturi is in the spotlight this week! These finally crafted airguns boast a traditional look, and these proven designs remain a popular choice among consumers even in this fast developing market.

The Air Venturi Dragon Claw is one of the most powerful air rifles on the market. This rifle shoots a .50 bullet with about 310 joules out of its barrel at a muzzle velocity of about 210 meters per second. Thanks to the two air cylinders, you can fire a lot of shots until they have to be refilled.

The Air Venturi Wingshot II offers airgun shooters the versatility to choose for .50 caliber shotshells or bullets. This rifle is beautifully  balanced and has a handsome hardwood stock. The addition of a ventilated rib atop the barrel makes acquiring targets easier than ever before!

The Seneca Double Shot is one of the more well-known air rifles from Air Venturi. This rifle has a double barrel design from which hail ammunition, slugs or arrows can be shot. Thanks to this variety is the Seneca Double Shot one of the most sought-after air rifles available at this moment. 


New Brand | ICS Airsoft

17 december 2021

We’re proud to add ICS replicas to our product assortment. ICS keeps expanding the quality and quantity of their research and development teams to provide the newest and most innovative airsoft replicas for you and your customers. Look at some of their popular and high quality airsoft replicas below!

The CXP-Mars PDW9 S3 is a beautiful full metal airsoft replica with robust internals and an innovative S3 system which can be considered as a combination of a MOSFET and an electronic diagnostic system. This systems checks the internals to prevent internal damage on your customers airsoft replicas!

The CXP-Mars MTR 302S3 is a very smart and well-built replica, which has an insane list of features that make this the perfect out-of-the-box airsoft replica for both beginners and veterans who are looking for something better than the standard, with the added bonus of Electronic Blowback.

The ICS Gas Pistol XFG BLE-005-SH is a newly developed GBB Pistol from ICS. This pistol features a dual safety trigger and a realistic blowback action to simulate recoil. This replica from ICS is designed to be an ambidextrous pistol for any airsoft environment.

Brand Spotlight | Nuprol Vorsk

10 december 2021

The Nuprol Vorsk Gases and BBs are in the spotlight this week. Nuprol Vorsk have further developed their range of consumable airsoft products with their own range of airsoft gas. They also produced a wide range of BBs so don't forget to have a look at these too!

Nuprol make a range of gases especially formulated for enhanced FPS and recoil. With three different formulations to fit a range off situations, V6 a go-to gas in Vorsk's standard formulation, the V8 version providing increased power and performance and V12 formulation for peak performance in heavy slide models and great cold weather performance.

The Vorsk Biodegradable BBs have been produced to the following standard covering the aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials. Using precision moulding techniques and ongoing quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product.

The Vorsk Bio BBs are available in:   0.25G/ 0.28G/ 0.30G/ 0.40G

The Green Tracer BBs are available in: 0.30G


Stealth Cam - Christmas Special

3 december 2021

Stealth Cam produce high-quality, reliable cameras that make them one of the most popular brands among hunters. 

The Stealth Cam Trail Camera PX20 features a 20 Megapixel camera and thanks to the 14 IR lights, this camera makes really high resolution images by day and by night. The PX20 also has a test function, with this function you can test if the camera achieves the desired range. 

The Stealth Cam Trail Camera No Glo Combo QS20NG features a 20 Megapixel camera with an 80 foot No Glo infra-red detection range. With a trigger speed of 0.8 seconds, you will never miss any movement. This combo kit includes the necessary 8 AA batteries and also a 16GB SD card.

Brand Spotlight | BSA Break Barrel Models

19 november 2021

If you have a customer looking to get into airguns then the break-barrel air rifles from BSA are a great choice. These airguns have a price point and ease-of-use that make them accessible to the beginner but they also won't disappoint on performance. Read more about the three models we have in the spotlight this week!

The Spring V-Scout is designed to provide years of fun for younger air gun fans. This air rifle features BSA’s superb adjustable open sights and an ambidextrous beech stock and the traditional checkering provides maximum grip. 

The GRT Tech Meteor Evo is a gas ram powered air rifle and there are considerable benefits to the shooter of switching to this type of power. The action of cocking the gun is smoother requiring the same pressure, vibration when firing is reduced and accuracy to the target is improved.

With up to 24 Joules power this reliable, fast handling and accurate break barrel has a choice of sighting systems as standard. The BSA Comet EVO Red Devil also has high-visibility fibre-optic enhanced open sights for instant target acquisition in virtually any lighting conditions.


New Shipment | Specna Arms

12 november 2021

A new shipment of Specna Arms just arrived, including the popular SA-H20 and SA-H21 airsoft replicas. Specna Arms stands for high quality, precision fit and laser engraved receivers. Whether your customer is a beginner or an experienced veteran, Specna Arms has something to meet their needs. 

Specna Arms worked together with the famous weapon manufacturer Rock River Arms to develop the SA-H20 and SA-H21. These replicas come with two 125 round mid-caps and a quick change spring system, so performance can quickly and easily be reduced from 380 fps to 320 fps. The SA-H20 shorter barrel model makes it ideal for tight shooting situations, but both models will delight beginners and experienced airsoft players alike. 

The full metal SA-E06 was created with feedback from airsofters in the field. The SA-E06 has an adjustable rotary hop-up chamber that ensures accuracy and a long reach, while the mosfet prevents overheating and overcharging. The spring system can easily be changed without removing the gearbox making it a very user-friendly airsoft replica. 

New Brand | Cybergun

5 november 2021

We're proud to add Cybergun replicas to our product range! Since 1993 Cybergun grew to more than 20 exclusive licences such as Desert Eagle and many more. These prestigious licences give Cybergun a global leadership position in the Airsoft industry. Read more about three high-quality replicas in their product line below!

The Cybergun FN P90 Tactical is an ultra-lightweight and manoeuvrable airsoft replica. The P90 features an ergonomic bullpup design for comfortable handling and is designed to defeat your opponents at close range. 

The Cybergun Desert Eagle is a CO2 powered airsoft pistol with authentic markings, fully licensed by Desert Eagle. The semi and fully automatic modes in combination with the full metal body, makes this Desert Eagle a really realistic airsoft replica.  

The Cybergun FN Scar-L is a fully ambidextrous assault rifle with a foldable stock. This airsoft replica is perfect for indoor and outdoor games and features a picatinny rails, which enables you to attach accessories on the top of your replica. 


New Shipment | Tippmann Airsoft Replicas

29 oktober 2021

new shipment of Tippman just arrived, including the M4 Omega-PV Carbine, one of the newest models from this high-quality airsoft replica brand. This replica is not the only product from the Tippmann Omega series that is back in stock, so don't forget to head to the website and see which other products are available.

The M4 Omega-PV Carbine combines high-performance, versatility and speed. This replica can run on 2 12 gram CO2 cartridges, 13 ci HPA tank mounted as stock or an HPA hose with optional stock. This airsoft replica features an internal regulator to adjust the velocity and has three ROF presets of 10, 15 and 25. Thanks to these features, the Tippmann Omega Carbine is the total package in high level performance for serious airsofters!

New Brand | ASG Airsoft

22 oktober 2021

Dear valued Dealer,

We're proud to add ASG brand replicas to our product assortment! ASG have been at the forefront of the game since the early days, and have been instrumental in developing innovative technologies. Their airsoft models combine ASG's airsoft expertise with input from law enforcement and military communities worldwide to offer hyper-realistic shooting experiences. Read about two stars of their product line below.

The ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow is an ultra-realistic airsoft gun with full metal construction, ergonomic grip and blow back. From input provided by Law Enforcement and Military communities worldwide, the ASG CZ is becoming a very popular gun for IPSC shooting competitions

The ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been built by ASG, to bring airsoft players as close to the experience of handling a real EVO 3 as possible. The internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced function by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle powerful springs and high-speed solutions. 


A look through our thermal optics assortment!

15 oktober 2021

A good quality thermal vision product can seriously level up your hunting game, and this week we are spotlighting some great models from Night Pearl and Infiray. Read more about these models below, and don't forget to check out our website for our full thermal vision product range!  

The Night Pearl Thermal Scops 25 Elite is the right scope for hunters who prioritize image quality. With a 25 mm objective lens and of 384x288 px image resolution a hunter will always get a great view of their target - images and videos can also be shared via WiFi.

It's about usability with the Night Pearl Thermal Scops 35 Pro II. A short start-up time and a manual objective focus ring on the front makes this scope really easy to use, and a 4.5 hour battery life means it will last though your hunt .

Compact, and with a clip-on design, the Infiray Thermal Vision Clip M Series CML25 is one of the most affordable clip-on cameras in the market. It can be easily attached to a day sight and still delivers powerful results. 

When a hunter is looking for a more expanded camera they should check out the Infiray Thermal Vision Rico series RH50. With an expandable laser ranging function with a range between 1-1000 m, and an eyepiece with up to 16x magnification this is a really complete camera for serious hunters.