Product Spotlight | Cybergun Colt Series Replica's

24 juni 2022

For airsofters looking for a replica that is manageable in all environments, the Colt 1911 Rail Gun and Colt M4 Airline from Cybergun are in the product spotlight this week. Learn more about these Colt Series replicas below! 

The Colt 1911 Rail Gun features a metal slide for better realism and durability and also features a picattiny rail to give you the opportunity to attach a light or a laser on this replica. This replica gives a powerful perfomance with CO2 gas.

The Colt M4 Airline is equipped with two flip-up polymer sights and the 6.03 mm barrel provides greater stability and accuracy. This replica also features an adjustable hop up to increase the range of shooting.

Also have a look at the Cybergun sights!


Product Spotlight | Bear Archery Crossbows

17 juni 2022

For crossbow hunters in tight quarters looking for a crossbow that offers aggressive power and performance, the Constrictor CDX and Trek 380 from Bear Archery are in the product spotlight this week. Learn more about these high-quality crossbows below!

This crossbow has a narrow dimension of 10” wide cocked and 14” wide uncocked. It delivers blazing speed at 410 fps with a draw weight of 190 lbs and features an ambidextrous top mount 5-arrow quiver for custom quiver placement.

The Trek 380 is easy to manoeuvre in the field thanks to a weight of 7.5 lbs. This crossbow features an anti-dry fire inhibitor, dual string suppressor system and a 13 ¼” power stroke which gives lethal power.

Product Spotlight | LCT Airsoft AEG Rifle LC-3A3-S

10 juni 2022

For airsoft players looking for a highly realistic airsoft replica, the LCT AEG Rifle LC-3A3-S is in the product spotlight this week. Learn more about the LCT LC-3A3-S below!

The LC-3A3-S is constructed fully from stamped steel with full metal internals. The heart is a durable gearbox V2 with 9 mm bearings and an array of reinforced components such as: an aluminum CNC piston and an Aluminum CNC cylinder head. Thanks to the weight, steel and wood construction and the attention to details, this replica provides the experience of using a real rifle.


Product Spotlight | Air Venturi Light Hunter .45 & Recluse .357

3 juni 2022

This product spotlight we are highlighting the Light Hunter .45  and Recluse .357 from Air Venturi. These airguns are two of the most finely crafted airguns from Air Venturi made for the target shooting and hunting lovers. Read more about these airguns below!

The Air Venturi Light Hunter .45 is a great high quality rifle. This rifle is perfect for target shooting at medium range. Thanks to the two different power levels, first bolt stop for low power and second bolt stop for high power, this airgun also will fit to a lot of your short and long range customers. 

The Air Venturi Recluse .357 gives your hunting and target shooting customers incredible power and aim. This airgun fires by using bolt action and gives your customers plenty of shots with the 3000 psi max-fill pressure. This airgun is easy to use anytime thanks to 2 power levels.

Product Spotlight | ICS Airsoft

27 mei 2022

This product spotlight we are highlighting the Gas Pistol XFG BLE-005-SB and AEG Electric CXP-MARS MTR 301S3 from ICS Airsoft. Two replicas from ICS Airsoft which are an ideal combination for use in the airsoft field. Read more about these replicas below!

The ICS XFG BLE-005-SB is a Gas Blow Back replica with a simple and effective design. It has a powerful and realistic blowback, accessory rail and white dot front and rear sights. This replica has two interchangeable grips to adapt to any hand and to give airsoft players a lot of grip in the field.

The CXP-MARS MTR 301S3 is a very smart and well-built replica, with a long list of features that make this the perfect out-of-the-box Airsoft Gun for both beginners and veterans looking for something nicer than the standard.


Product Spotlight | NEW Cybergun Canik TP9 & FN M4 GBB

20 mei 2022

This product spotlight we are highlighting the NEW Cybergun Canik TP9 Elite Combat 6mm and the Cybergun FN M4 GBBwhich will give your customers an overwhelming feeling during airsoft games. Read more about these two high-quality replicas in their product line below!

The 6 mm airsoft version of the TP9 Elite Combat contains many features that are found in a real gun. This replica also has a recoil feature, which gives the shooter a more realistic shooting feeling. The Canik TP9 comes in 3 different colours: Black, Tan and Dual Tone. 

The FN M4 from Cybergun is ideally suited to motorised and special units. This replica allows these units to gain mobility and manoeuvrability, which are a priority to have the right of way at the range. This Gas replica offers not only honorable performances but also outstanding sensations!

Product Spotlight | Hori-Zone Premium Penetrator

28 april 2022

The Hori-Zone Premium Penetrator is a lightweight crossbow with an affordable price that can achieve 340+ fps! Focussed on the beginner segment of crossbow shooters, the Premium Penetrator is suitable for shooters that want to have fun in the backyard, who want to shoot long range and everything in between.

The Premium Penetrator is a very complete crossbow package and features picatinny rails to mount hundreds of aftermarket accessories.
Out of the box, the Premium Penetrator is ready to go and includes all neccessary parts such as arrows, scope, quiver and rope cocker.