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Hori-Zone | 5% Discount Deals

Hori-Zone | 5% Discount Deals

This week we would like to bring Hori-Zone to your attention. Hori-Zone is a young company that has rapidly built a well-respected reputation for their products. Their main focus is to produce reliable high-quality products that are affordable for every consumerlevel. Besides producing quality products they invested heavily in a great customer service to complete the hole package.

Check out our Top 6 selected crossbows by JVD! Moreover, we now offer 5% discount packages on certain Hori-Zone Crossbows. To see which products apply for this discount, please check the last section of this email.

Top 6 Crossbows

Hori-Zone Rage-Elite Package:
This recurve style crossbow features a adjustable AR-style stock and a auto safety ADF system. This package is a perfect entry level crossbow with load of accessories included.

Hori-Zone Bayonet Package:
This crossbow from Hori-Zone is a compound style crossbow which makes very little noise when shot. this is achieved with string stoppers that dampen the sound.

Hori-Zone Wazp-Ult Package:
This super compact crossbow comes a AR-style adjustable stock. Perfect for maneuvring in tight spaces like ground blinds.

Hori-Zone Stealth H Package:
This super quite and accurate crossbow is light enough to carry the entire day due to the lightweight stock.

Hori-Zone Alpha Ultra XLT Package:
This compound style crossbows is as lightweight as it is compact. This crossbow uses a precision trigger for even better accuracy.

Hori-Zone Kornet MX-405 Package:
This crossbow offers speed and comfort. The rubberized grips and adjustable AR-style stock offer comfort, the compound style construction offer extreme speeds.

Package Deals:
When you buy 5 or more  Hori-Zone crossbows of the following models you will receive a 5% discountAlpha Ultra XLT, BayonetEVO-XLT, Kornet 390-XTKornet-405PenetratorRage EliteRage-XRage-X Special Opps, Stealth H, Wazp-ULT.

Any of these models can be mixed with each other to get a package of 5  Hori-Zone crossbows and to be applicable for the 5% discount.

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